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Hi there.

First - If you are from Spotify, yes, this is my artist website. ;-) Looking forward to getting control of my artist account so I can get an up to date bio etc. going. And if you are from Spotify stopping by to check, thanks, I appreciate the attention to detail.


I will be playing the Multnomah County Fair again this Memorial Day Weekend, May 28th @ 2pm

I played the Multnomah County Fair last May 30th  at Oaks Amusement Park http://www.multnomahcountyfair.org/#!entertainment-1/sq9l4

I did a live remix of clips from I've Said Too Much" this year.

Here is the video on YouTube

Here are the complete recordings from the "I've Said Too Much" project and a few passes in preparation.


Also, CD's and downloads are available on CDBaby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Spotify, and several other places. 


Also, enjoy high quality downloads of older material at http://6bq9.bandcamp.com

And the random noise bursts at http://soundcloud.com/ohdotoh/

And more at http://soundcloud.com/6bq9